Jonathan Barnett


Jonathan Barnett is an experienced trial attorney and a proud civic citizen.  Jonathan grew up in Stevens Point and spent his childhood fishing, canoeing and playing sports.  After years away with college, work, deployments and law school, Jonathan is home again in Central Wisconsin.  Jonathan stays active in the community through the VFW, church, coaching, and his children’s sports and activities.

Jonathan has years of experience, both in public and private practice.  Jonathan is a former prosecutor with experience handling many difficult cases through trial.  Jonathan also spent years in private practice handling a varied caseload.  Jonathan has handled Administrative Law proceedings, Criminal Law, Civil Litigation, Small Claims actions, Family Law, Employment Law, and Landlord/Tenant to name a few.

Jonathan is also a retired Army Officer.  As such, Jonathan brings years of leadership experience to the table.  He knows what it takes  when you are in your darkest times and need someone to walk you through to the other side.  Jonathan works with ferocity and dedication, but never loses sight of the human element involved in every matter.


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