Drug Charges

Drug offenses run a wide range of issues.  There are the multiple offenses for possession of drugs.  There are harsher penalties for individuals convicted of manufacturing or distributing these same drugs.  There is even the crime of keeping or maintaining a residence where others might go to use or sell drugs, even if you are not involved in the use or the sale.

Making sure you have an experienced attorney is important.  There are many considerations.  Sometimes the weights matter.  Sometimes the drugs are found in searches where the warrant might be deficient.  Sometimes there are drug-sniffing dogs and the various laws attached to this issue.

With the growing opioid crisis, many counties have started drug treatment courts.  These are specific courts set up to provide treatment options to people rather than going directly to incarceration.  These courts can be very useful, but might only delay punishment.  Know the rules and the penalties for these courts.  While they are a valuable tool, they might not be the best solution for your particular needs and circumstances.  Sometimes, when these courts are appropriate, drug charges across multiple counties can be consolidated to take advantage of this solution in a single county.   We can help walk you through the possibilities in these difficult cases.

Domestic Violence

In Wisconsin, domestic violence / domestic abuse refers to any number of crimes when the alleged victim is a spouse, former spouse, someone you reside or formerly resided with, or someone with whom you have created a child.  This means your non-violent shouting match with your former live-in dating partner can become Disorderly Conduct as an Act of Domestic Abuse.

The immediate impact will frequently be an additional $100 added to your court costs.  There are a few problems that will last longer.  For one, if you have two of these charges become convictions, then you risk a Domestic Abuse Repeater charge.

For example, if you have a conviction for Disorderly Conduct and Battery stemming from the same incident and they carry the domestic abuse enhancer.  For ten years you risk being a Domestic Abuse Repeater.  That means that a non-violent shouting match becomes a felony with a possibility of a two-year prison sentence.

Secondly, the impact of a single domestic conviction could cost you your right to possess a firearm.  Federal law makes it illegal to sell firearms to someone with a domestic abuse conviction.  Additionally, simply removing the domestic abuse enhancer might not be enough to protect you from this possibility.  Make sure you know the penalties before it becomes too late.

Weapons Charges

The use of a Dangerous Weapon is frequently used as an enhancer in Wisconsin.  This enhancer for committing a crime while using a dangerous weapon / possessing a dangerous weapon can increase the amount of time you could possibly sit in jail.  This increase could be anywhere from six months to four years.

Sometimes seemingly low-level offenses become rather significant when you are accused of merely having a weapon in your car as you drive away from a verbal argument to cool down.  The law is a fact-intensive world, and sometimes the thing you never even thought about is something that can greatly increase your risk of a lengthy jail sentence.  Having a detail-oriented attorney can make all the difference.  It can be crucial to have an attorney who is trained in criminal defense and not emotionally connected to the events of the incident to find the key piece of information that protects your employment, your home and your rights.

Violent Crimes

Not every penalty you face will be something ordered by the courts.  Violent crimes can carry a stigma that will follow you throughout your life.  With employers and landlords able to see your violent history on CCAP, these crimes can have serious and long-lasting effects.  Just having something listed on CCAP as a Battery does not tell the full story.  Still, no one is going to be asking you for your side of the story after the conviction is on the record.

It is important to get ahead of these charges and address them head on.  People will assume the worst while the charges are listed as pending.  Having a violent crime on your record will allow others to define you by a single incident.

Traffic Crimes and Traffic Tickets

While most traffic matters are forfeitures (cases where you receive a ticket / citation where the only penalty is a monetary penalty), sometimes traffic stops become criminal offenses (something where the penalty can possibly include jail or prison).  Actions like Operating After Revocation can include small jail penalties.  Not only do you need to know the penalties and also the different ways to address the underlying concerns and have the matter reduced to a simple ticket.  Having a good working relationship with the prosecutors is an important aspect of this discussion.  Also, having a good understanding of the laws surrounding these different offenses is important.

While many people simply pay their traffic tickets and move on, it is often in your interest to get an attorney and protect yourself.  Obviously, tickets can affect your insurance costs and even lead to losing your license down the road.  Furthermore, there might be implications for your job as well.  Even something as simple as reducing the speed on a speeding ticket can have a significant impact on your daily finances.